Friday, March 20, 2009

No Harm, No Foul

In the spirit of the NCAA basketball Tournament, Mr. President, we say, "No Harm, No Foul." Everyone is entitled to a slip of the tongue occasionally. We independents know that you meant no harm with your Special Olympics bowling comment last evening. So, we'll just say, "no foul," and move on with it. Of course, Sean Hannity will make a big deal out of it, sir. But no worries, fair-minded folks understand because they've been there before themselves.

It is important to note that if Mr. Bush had said such a thing, we independents would be saying the same thing, but I suspect that the left-wing pundits would not. Food for thought for some of the Bush Bashers in your administration, sir.

God bless you, Mr. President and enjoy your visit to Camp David.


Larry Wyatt

Puh-lease, Mr. President

Good morning, sir. I've been watching your first 100 days with quiet anticipation and have agreed and disagreed with you, as would be expected. At times, I see you being a 'lefty' and others, a 'centrist.' It's time for me to speak up, sir. Some recent events are REALLY bothering me. To wit...

Are we really now going to refer to terrorism as "man-made disaster," Mr. President? And what will we call the terrorists, sir, disaster engineers??? Puh-lease, sir. Frankly, that's a bitch-slap to those brave men and women who have given their lives to defend our country from such heinous acts. Such political correctness is repulsive! Can we do better than that, sir? YES WE CAN!!!

The second thing bothering me, sir, is the cavaliere attitude of your press secretary. I follow his daily briefings and am frankly offended by his laughter. I know. I know. Laughter is supposed to make us smile and spread the warmth. Mr. President, sir, the deficit is growing logrithmically, people are losing their homes and retirement savings, North Korea is gonna kill something...and soon, and China could call our loans soon. His "daily show" is offensive with slights to anyone not democratic/progressive, laughter at the most inappropriate times and a 'blame game' attitude. Sir, Mr. Bush and Republicans are not anti-christs. Can we do better than him, sir? YES, WE CAN!!!

God bless you, Mr. President! I'll be speaking to you much more often in the coming weeks and months and my advice won't add a single penny to the deficit.


Larry Wyatt