Friday, March 20, 2009

No Harm, No Foul

In the spirit of the NCAA basketball Tournament, Mr. President, we say, "No Harm, No Foul." Everyone is entitled to a slip of the tongue occasionally. We independents know that you meant no harm with your Special Olympics bowling comment last evening. So, we'll just say, "no foul," and move on with it. Of course, Sean Hannity will make a big deal out of it, sir. But no worries, fair-minded folks understand because they've been there before themselves.

It is important to note that if Mr. Bush had said such a thing, we independents would be saying the same thing, but I suspect that the left-wing pundits would not. Food for thought for some of the Bush Bashers in your administration, sir.

God bless you, Mr. President and enjoy your visit to Camp David.


Larry Wyatt

Puh-lease, Mr. President

Good morning, sir. I've been watching your first 100 days with quiet anticipation and have agreed and disagreed with you, as would be expected. At times, I see you being a 'lefty' and others, a 'centrist.' It's time for me to speak up, sir. Some recent events are REALLY bothering me. To wit...

Are we really now going to refer to terrorism as "man-made disaster," Mr. President? And what will we call the terrorists, sir, disaster engineers??? Puh-lease, sir. Frankly, that's a bitch-slap to those brave men and women who have given their lives to defend our country from such heinous acts. Such political correctness is repulsive! Can we do better than that, sir? YES WE CAN!!!

The second thing bothering me, sir, is the cavaliere attitude of your press secretary. I follow his daily briefings and am frankly offended by his laughter. I know. I know. Laughter is supposed to make us smile and spread the warmth. Mr. President, sir, the deficit is growing logrithmically, people are losing their homes and retirement savings, North Korea is gonna kill something...and soon, and China could call our loans soon. His "daily show" is offensive with slights to anyone not democratic/progressive, laughter at the most inappropriate times and a 'blame game' attitude. Sir, Mr. Bush and Republicans are not anti-christs. Can we do better than him, sir? YES, WE CAN!!!

God bless you, Mr. President! I'll be speaking to you much more often in the coming weeks and months and my advice won't add a single penny to the deficit.


Larry Wyatt

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gitmo on the Git Go!

Just as everyone suspected, sir, you've signed an executive order, compelling the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison holding terrorist suspects. This order brings to mind many thoughts, not the least of which is, where are you going to place those folks, Mr. President? From your comments today asking if another order was being prepared regarding placement, I'm left wondering, unfortunately. But, I'll just consider that you're very busy and let that slide. I suspect that you have a plan. You know Hannity will be all over it, sir and Olbermann will likely not say a word!

I don't want them anywhere near me, Mr. President. Ask some of the folks who broadly brush the definition of torture to bring them to their areas, sir. I'll bet I know their responses and they would contain some expletives. How about Illinois, sir? What would your former constituents think about that? There are three facilities, although medium security, there. On second thought, don't do that. My sister lives in Illinois and it's my home state. Send them all to France, Mr. President. Didn't they offer today, along with one of the Scandanavian countries? Problem solved.

Your Unofficial Presidential Advisor believes that torture is a bad thing, Mr. President. But therein lies the rub. Defining torture is difficult at best and purely partisan, at worst. When the safety of America and Americans(like my family) is at stake, I think most centrists would define torture with a mid-sized brush. While pulling out someones fingernails, chopping off digits or beating someone to within an inch of his life would be considered torture by all but the purest sadists, something akin to waterboarding, if it prevents an attack on Americans would be worth it to most of us, sir. We're talking about our families and our way of life. With all due respect, Mr. Obama, these people in Gitmo don't care about us, sir. In no way, no shape and no form. They are not reasonable people. That must be taken into consideration when making your decision.

Think about it this way, Mr. President. What will you say to the mother of a child who was killed in a terrorist attack that could have been prevented by waterboarding someone who knew the details of the attack? What would you say, sir? Close your eyes and imagine that conversation. On one hand, there's a innocent dead child who harmed no one. On the other hand is someone who doesn't care and may even celebrate the child's death, but he had to take an aggressive bath. If you can, in good conscience, tell that mother that her child's death was better for America that waterboarding the man who knew the details, then I'm afraid that anything I say here, would be a fruitless endeavor. I understand the concept of triage and "the greater good," Mr. President, but this is a different situation. What will you choose, sir? At least you gave yourself a year.

God bless you, Mr. President. I don't envy your decision.


Larry Wyatt

A Blog of a Different Color

Hello, Mr. President! Welcome to the most difficult and most rewarding job on the planet!

The reason for this blog, you ask? Well, sir, it's really quite simple. You told us that you needed our help, sir. This is my attempt, as small as it may seem, at giving you some insight into what we think and how we feel. It's feedback from some of the sea of humanity, if you will. Now, I'm no Sean Hannity, sir. You'll recall him as the president of his own country, OnandOn Anon. I'm thankful everyday I'm not him. And why does my spell checker suggest "Hannibal" as a replacement for Hannity. Ironic, don't you think? Anyway, nor am I Chris Matthews. With all due respect, sir, I really don't want to feel tingles in my leg when I think about you! I am certainly not Keith Olbermann either. Wow, am I ever thankful for that. Nor am I Rush Limbaugh. I'm also thankful for that every day. What I am is a simple guy who loves his country and wants to see it stay safe, prosper and provide life, liberty and the *pursuit* of happiness to every American citizen. I don't care what color skin anyone has. Dr. King is one of my heroes and just like him, I want everyone to be judged by "the content of their character." Nor do I care what political party someone belongs to. I cry when I hear the national anthem. I respect our flag and what it stands for. I am an AMERICAN in the most faithful sense of the word.

For some time, my family and I vacillated between supporting you and Mr. McCain. In the end, for varied reasons, we supported Mr. McCain. That being said, you are MY president, my nephew's commander-in-chief and the top executive of these United States of America. My family and I will continue to show you and the office of president the respect it deserves. But, I feel that in the interest of transparency and checks and balances, it's important for you to know how we true staunch independents feel about the issues facing you and your administration. In addition, I want you to know how the average centrist man-on-the-street feels about the decisions that you've made and how they affect us.

How will I arrive at these opinions and advice that I tender to you? Well, I'll use my own opinions and those of my family and friends, most all of whom are independents to formulate the ideas that I post in this blog.

Will it do any good? I don't know, Mr. President. I certainly hope so. I hope to present well-reasoned and rational thoughts which I hope that you and your administration will read and take into consideration.

In a nutshell, that's it Mr. President. I want to help you keep America the best country on the planet. I believe that you will govern from the center. While many don't, I believe that you will not take advantage of a democratically-dominated congress to force far left programs and ideals upon us. In essence, I believe in the essence of what you've said during your campaign. I will never hate you, Mr. President, as so many have hated Mr. Bush. I may be sorely disappointed and/or disagree with something you've done, but hate will never enter my mind.

Welcome aboard the good ship USA, sir. May God bless you with health, happiness, and the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and most importantly, the wisdom to know the difference.

May God bless America!

Chris Hannitybaugh Brokaw